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Ramp Info developed a few products with the objective to

  • Reduce re-inventing

  • Configure and deploy with ease

  • Reduce development cycle while not compromising on business requirements or quality

Re-usable auditing framework

For businesses requiring transaction auditing, this framework will fill the need effectively. This framework can be integrated into your application very easily and need not be built from scratch. The benefits include:

  • Transaction auditing – who did what, when

  • Work flow rule evaluation and verification

  • Reporting anomalies

Rule based data re-formatting

For businesses that depend on data from other organizations and where it needs to be transformed into different formats, the rule based data re-formatter comes in handy. Based on the data source and target, the data can be reformatted just in a click.

validating tool

When multiple products are deployed together to work as one, conflicting configuration settings make their way in. There is no easy way to identify these anomalies until one experiences outages and escalations.

The configuration validating tool is designed to review and painlessly identify configuration anomalies. This is particularly useful when you move your configuration files during a typical SDLC or where a large number of manual changes are required in configuration files.

   :: News ::

Mar 2011: RampInfo's Kiran Ramineni presents Identity Federation (SSO across organizations) at IIT's NetSecure
Illinois Institute of Technology - A premier university conducts NetSecure event every year and many industry corporations present their technology. Mr. Ramineni presented about Identity Federation in 2011. About NetSecure

Apr 2010: RampInfo listed in ForgeRock's Consulting partner list
RampInfo - A ForgeRock Consulting Partner

Jun 2009: RampInfo presents OpenSSO and Identity Federation at Chicago Java User Group (CJUG)
Chicago Java User Group

Apr 2009: RampInfo presents OpenSSO and Federation at Chicago Area Sun Identity Management User Group
Sun Identity Management User Group

Aug 2008: Ramp Info relocated to own office
We at Ramp Info are excited to announce our relocation to our own office. The new office offers expanded training facilities and a lab with required hardware. We hope to serve our customers better with faster response to their needs. We also hope to expand our training and seminar schedules.

May 2008: Ramp Info introduces Project Management Training and Seminars.
In April 2008, Ramp Info introduced Project Management training for PMI certification. As part of the course work, the participants will experience project management techniques by practical examples. The instructors are PMI certified and experienced project managers. Ramp Info also conducts seminars that focus on the practical issues of Project management.

Apr 2008: Ramp Info’s Kiran Ramineni presents Federation Case Study at ISSA, CT.
http://www.issa-ct.org. If you would like to find out more information about Federation, please contact Info@RampInfo.com

Mar 2008: Ramp Info Deployed Sun Micro systems’ Service Forecast system.

Apr 2007: Ramp Info Deploys Millennium trust’s WebXpress.
Ramp Info designed, developed and deployed a solution for Millennium trust’s advisors to allocate basket level trades. The solution involved webservices, .Net 2 frameworks, Web Parts, highly secure environment.

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