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The following demos are real world situations. These are NOT pre-recorded videos or video presentations.
These are working configurations that simulate specific real world scenarios.

  • OpenAM High availability   (ViewDemo)

  • In this demo, OpenAM is configured for high availability, session fail-over and load balancing. A user session is established upon authentication to one of the OpenAM servers and replicated between the OpenAM servers. The servers are forced to shut down constantly to imitate a real world failover scenario. The user's uninterrupted access to the secured content on multiple web servers is demonstrated.

  • Multifactor Authentication (SMS/Phone/Email)  (ViewDemo)

    In this demo, OpenAM is configured with a custom Authentication module that can initiate an SMS, Phone call or email after a successful login of the user. It requires an additional method of authentication to improve security of the content secured by OpenAM. The user can choose between SMS, Phone call and email. A code will be sent to them and the user has to enter the code to access the secured content.

    Typically, the details of user (Email Address, phone number) will be captured during the user setup process (in this case - self-registration). Unless the user has access to the device registered with the login, they will not be able to login. Most financial instituitions use an extended version of such feature. However, lately a number of corporations are using similar multifactor authentication methods to improve security of their content.

  • Identity Federation (Service provider initiated)  (ViewDemo)

    In this demo, OpenAMs are configured to simulate one Service Provider (SP) depending on multiple Identity Providers (IDP) for federation. The user selects an Identity Provider from a list published by the service provider. The user is then redirected to the selected IDP for authentication and further federation at Service Provider. The user experience is enhanced by the seamless login between IDP and SP due to federation. A secure page is displayed with the user's profile(s) at both IDP and SP. In this demonstration, the user's email address attribute is used to auto federate.

  • OpenAM load test result (11.0, 10.0 and 9.5.2)   (Get your copy of the reports)

    A load test was conducted on OpenAM configuration to evaluate the capacity to meet very large number of authentications.

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